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New t-shirt to support animal welfare!

To celebrate the release of Throwin Goats upcoming Halloween release, we've teamed up with the creepy master of macabre, artist Drew Rausch, to bring you the official "Boris The Spider" graphic tee!

This tee is being plasticharge printed on a ringspun cotton tee, so it will be soft to the touch!

The best part is that the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to Kings Harvest Animal Shelter in Davenport, Iowa!  Kings Harvest is a no kill shelter that provides more than just a place to adopt a wonderful pet.  

They also provide a place for the local homeless and/or underprivileged to bring their animals to stay over the cold winter months.  Most homeless shelters do not allow pets,so many people that find themselves homeless opt to stay out on the streets, in the elements, to stay with their beloved pet.  Kings Harvest will shelter their pet at no charge during the frigid winter months.

Kings Harvest has also helped the pets recently left behind by Hurricane Harvey by relocating or transporting pets that needed assistance.

The tee is only $15 (plus shipping) The money raised will go a long way to ensure the health and welfare of all the animals that Kings Harvest cares for.

Thank You!!!

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